I grew up in the small town of Lyons, Kansas prior to becoming a nurse, getting married, and moving to the Kansas City Metro.  After two rounds of graduate school, multiple moves, two children and 10 years in the Kansas City area, we transplanted ourselves to the Oklahoma City Metro to put an emphasis on God and family.  OKC treated our family well for 5 years but a job opportunity came up that was close to family and we packed up again. My wife Kristi and our two sons, Elijah and Noah, now reside in Coffeyville, Kansas.  Life is always changing and this blog will talk about everything from hobbies and frustrations to struggles and triumphs.

Thanks for coming to my blog,

Christopher Hogan the Oklahoma Jayhawk


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  1. David Burns says:

    Christopher, I have been thinking about starting into the world of competition BBQ myself, but don’t have the big rigs and equipment that some teams do. I have really appreciated your blog because it made me realize that I can start small and go from there. Right now I have an older Char-Griller offset stick burner, a Weber 22.5″ OTS, and an UDS that I am in the process of building. May not be the easieist, but I now think I can start fromt here thanks to your blog. do you have any suggestions you could share with me? If you’re ever in the Broken Arrow area and could use some help, let me know.


    • David:

      My first two suggestions would be: #1 A CBJ class and #2 A Competition Cooking Class
      The Certified BBQ Judge class helps you understand the judging criteria for competition BBQ which is a lot different from what you cook at home. A Comp Cooking Class will help get you started off on the right foot. I suggest Rod Gray’s Pellet Envy class; probably a little bias since I went to his class and use his rubs/sauce. That said, he is a great guy and you learn a TON. There are several other cooking classes out there and several of the best are here in the midwest (e.g. Cookshack hosts one a couple of times a year as well).

      After going to the class – PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. It is really important in competition BBQ to be able to repeat the cooking recipes, timing and temperature control (I don’t think you ever really stop perfecting this process). To that end, I would suggest focusing on getting one style of cooker. I love my Webers because they are durable and affordable. Consider buying Two Weber Smoker Mountain 22.5s. Another way to go would be to stick with/build/buy Two Drum Smokers. Shake ‘N Bake BBQ and K.C. Can Crew finished Top 25 in the 2014 KCBS Team of the Year standings – they both cook on drum smokers. Gateway BBQ Store sells a sturdy drum smoker that has a loyal following called the Insane Can Posse. Hunsaker Smokers has a rather novel approach to their drums. The real take home here is to get use to your pit and know how it cooks.

      Other than that, Just get out there and do it. I really tried to keep my first year fun and low stress. But be warned, it is addictive!

      Till next time…


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