Woodward BBQ

We had a good BBQ weekend in Woodward despite all the rain. Congrats to Big Butts Need Rubbin Too on the repeat GC. I felt like it was a consistent cook but came up short on brisket yet again. 

Chicken 7th, Ribs 4th, Pork Shoulder 1st with a 180, and Brisket 20th (ouch) for 6th place Overall. 

It felt good to get that elusive first place category call.  Funny thing about the 180 score was that the lowest judging score was a 9-7-7

All my BBQ friends can appreciate the irony of this 9-8-8 score given their comments. 

All the rain and Noah starting to have what looks like another ear infection cut our plans to camp and visit Alabaster Caverns short. So we decided to call it a day, pack up and head home. 

Next week brings the start of the school year for the boys and a new general surgeon at work for me. Till next time…

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