Branson 2017

We packed up the camper last Monday and headed out to Branson for a family vacation with Kristi’s family (Larry, Sherrol and Kristi’s sisters). We had a pretty smooth drive and pulled right into our nice, shady RV spot at Branson Treehouse Adventures.  It’s a nice little RV park that is really close to Silver Dollar City. After getting everything settled, we went out to eat with Kristi’s family; followed by watching the kids and cousins play at the splashpad/pool. 

Day 2 brought a breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls at Sherrol’s condo. Next we took a ride on the ducks. 

We finished the day letting the kids play while the adults talked, played cards, and drank beverages. 

Wednesday was pretty much dedicated to Silver Dollar City. Sorry; no photos – we were just running around with the kiddos and roasting in the heat. 

Thursday morning we went to Fritz’s Adventure. It was a lot of climbing, harnesses & fun. 

Friday was dedicated to shopping and chasing kids at the resort playground. It was a pretty low key but the kids had a blast playing with cousins. 

Saturday morning we all went “antique shopping” for Aunt Kari. The boys tolerated it with a promise for miniature golf from Kristi. After lunch, the group packed up and headed out. Pirate’s Cove mini-golf was pretty good with everyone but Kristi making a hole-in-one. To cool off we went to Cold Stone before driving to watch a Chinese Acrobatsics show at Yakov Smirnov theater. The show entertained everyone with contortions, flips and balacing/juggling everythibg from hats, drums anc chairs to people. 

We finished the evening back at the campsite with cook drinks and a fire. 

In the morning, it’s back to the real world with chores and work after having vacation three out of the last four weeks. 

Next stop is Woodward BBQ contest on my birthday weekend…

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