Family DFW Trip

It was time to take off from work and head down to Texas to visit family. So last Tuesday morning, we loaded up the family and drove down to Azle to stay with my folks. It only took about 10-15 minutes for my boys to get G&G into the pool. 

We spent most days with a late morning day trip and then returning back for more time in the pool. We visited the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, the Stockyards, and took a hike along the paths of the nature center.  While down at the stockyards we bought the boys some cowboy boots. It was a nice week to get away from home/work and relax. Of course I couldn’t resist a chance to BBQ, so I smoke a brisket up for my step-dad’s bday dinner. I tried a new rub combo and it came out incredibly “pepper-y” – the texture and tenderness were awesome though – A Bar N Meats had great customer service, prices and worked with me so I could pick it up on the way down

Mulvane KCBS contest was cancelled; so the next stop will be one of my favorites – Ft Smith and the best reps around

Till next time…

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