2017 BBQ Season Opener

Made the short drive down to Sand Springs, OK this past weekend for my first KCBS contest of the year.  With a couple of practice cooks under my belt from 2 weeks ago, I was optimistically “ready” to give it a go. After arriving and setting up, I was treated to an awesome potluck hosted by Joe and Kelly of MooChewSooey.  Then it was time for getting down to business. 

The cook went smoothly for the most part despite Oklahoma standard windage of 20-25 mph.  Pork butts flew thru cooking and were up to temp about an hour early. Not sure how I managed to break/crack a turn-in box while adding kale…

In the end we all congratulated David and Chris for another dominate cook and GC. Uncle BCs swooped in for RGC. I managed to end the day with two Top 10 calls out of 33 teams.


Chicken 8th

Ribs 10th

Pork Butt 20th (oops)

Brisket 11th

Overall 15th

Luckily, my 10th place ribs were the highest score table 251 gave out all day (they didn’t have another score in the top half of the field).  As for the pork butt, I thought it was the best product I put out all day… so there I go thinking I know what the judges want. Next stop is Sam’s Club in Overland Park – where I’ll have to step up my game if I want to make it past the first round.

Till next time…

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