Spring Break 2017

Sorry for the long absence but the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 have been incredibly busy at work – resulting in no family trips or bbq events till March.

All work and no play was interrupted by Spring Break this year. We decided to purchase an RV travel trailer and go on a trip. So here is the newest addition to our fleet

After some manufacturer defects and me clipping the awning arm, we finally got it out and took the boys on a trip through Arkansas. Our first stop was at Turpentine Creek, a literal animal refuge/rescue for lions, tigers and bears. It was fun because you park your RV right next to the tiger enclosures and entry into the park is included with the camping fee.  Be glad for the double fences. Here is a picture in case you forget these are wild animals; the lioness stalked us while my father-in-law took this picture. 

Next stop was near Harrison and Mystic Caverns. The boys enjoyed the caverns and playing at the RV campground. Relaxation and smores were had by all for a couple of days. 

We packed up, traveled to Little Rock and stayed at a nice campground down by the river. The next morning we made our way into Little Rock to take the boys to the Central Arkansas Nature Center and Children’s Museum. We had a great time and the boys always love playing with the experiments and activities.  There was also a tesla coil show where they used varying frequencies with the coils to make music. It was cool and the world record size for a dual tesla coil. After that the adults “needed” to tour and take in some samples at Rock Town Distillery. A few fun facts: it is the first Legal distillery in Arkansas, the owner worked for Alltel before Verizon bought it, and he realized he would have to make vodka/gin/etc to not go under while waiting for bourbon to age. The samples were really good; they have a basil vodka that would be good in cocktails. 

The caravan moved on to Hot Springs. It was fun to be able to see more of the town and area since the last time I was there was for a doubleheader BBQ contest in August, 2015. The boys worked hard on completing the required workbook to become Junior Rangers for the Hot Springs National Park. They were pretty proud of themselves; hopefully not the last we gather at a national park. 

With storms headed our way, we decided to head home a day early. Unfortunately that meant we would be missing the diamond dig, but it was good to be home. 

Till next time…

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