Long Haul

Round trip of a little over 1600 miles to pick up my new toy. The truck and trailer held up well but the bridges at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers on Hwy 60 are old, sketchy and narrow.  My trailer was simultaneously hanging over the white line (inches from the cement/metal sides) and over my half of the double yellow line. This was fine until I saw an 18-wheeler coming the other way. 

On the way out, I went from Coffeyville to Chattanooga with stops for diesel and the Loveless Cafe.  The cafe is on the south side of Nashville. I got some country ham, fried eggs, hashbrown casserole, biscuits and turnip greens – everything was really good.  After a good nights rest, I headed out early for Deep Sout Smokers in Cumming, GA. Randall was quick to load up my new toy and I was off for my marathon home. The way back only saw stops for diesel. Unfortunately while checking my trailer, on my second stop, I was greeted with a deflated caster wheel on my new smoker. I racheted down the other three straps and carried on. 

The next morning, I spent awhile getting the caster wheel patched before I was able to move my Deep South RGC (nickname pending – you may recall I called my Weber smokers the Amigos).  Now to say Randall builds a solid pit is an understatement, because this is his smallest model and it is plenty heavy. It took a solid effort to move it up hill to the back patio. 

I loaded it up with one bag Stubb’s briqs and gave it a run to see: 1) how long it would take to get up to temp and 2) how long it would hold temp. It took 90 minutes from being lit to 275 degrees and held it for over 13 1/2 hours. I say over 13 1/2 hours because I shut it down at that point and went to bed. When I checked it the next morning, I found it used about 3/4-7/8 of one bag compared to the 3 1/2-4 bags I needed my Webers. 

In no particular arrangement, I placed all the pans I will use in a typical contest on the four racks.  Now to just order up some meat and do a few practice runs to play with arrangement and cooking times. 

Till next time…

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