Updates & 2016 BBQ season over

Well… I had shoulder surgery this spring for a late start and am finishing the season early this year. In August I decided that I wanted to insulate the roof of my trailer and did so in the 110 degree heat.  My wife was especially excited because I needed her help to hold the sheeting up while I secured it to the ceiling. 

Since I was in the process of upgrading, I ordered a custom aluminum table from Pit Pal Products.  I asked them to make the table longer and taller than their standard large; they just said “No problem.”  After getting a quote and arranging payment; they had it completed and sent freight in 2 weeks. This table is solid and fits perfectly around the wheel well in my trailer. 

I also decided that this was the year to say adios the 3 Amigos.  I have used my Weber smokers and the cart I made since I started BBQ competition.  They still cook great but I didn’t want to have to break them down and reassemble them every time I transported the smokers. In the end I sold them to make way for my custom Deep South Smokers RGC model being built down in Cumming, GA. Randall Bowman was great to work with for a few custom options and was quick to answer any questions I had by phone or email.  Now to wait while it is being built. 

Till next time-

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