Fun in July

The Hogan clan ended the month of July with vacation and BBQ.  I was able to get the last two weeks off of work, and we took advantage of the time to visit family.  My mom and stepdad moved to Texas about the same time we moved from Oklahoma to Kansas.  It was a bit of a drive but went fairly smoothly.

We spent a lot of our time just swimming in grandma and grandpa’s new pool with a couple of day trips.  It was so hot out that we limited most of our trips to the mornings or indoor sites.  Our day trips took us to: the Ft Worth Science Museum, Ft Worth Botanical Gardens, Reunion Tower and the Perot Museum.

The boys enjoyed the Ft Worth Science Museum and the planetarium show more than I thought they might. It had quite a bit of hands-on and interactive exhibits the boys really liked. The gift shop also gave us a little Jelly Bean game that was a cross between Russian Roulette and Bert’s Every Flavor Beans from Harry Potter. The box contained an assortment of different colored jelly beans and a spinner but the catch was that each color had two possible flavors. For example: coconut or spoiled milk; chocolate or dog food; etc – And wow did the flavors ever match their description. It was pretty funny to watch everyone’s reactions when they got one of the bad flavors.

We had considered taking the boys to Six Flags Over Texas but chickened out when the heat index was over 110 F.  Instead we took off in the morning and visited the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens which are almost entirely free.  We paid $6 to visit the tropical gardens area and the boys loved the huge leaves of some of the plants.  We walked the free areas and spotted quite a few colorful lizards among the beautiful plants before the boys started to get tired, hot, hungry and thirsty.  So we left before making it to the Japanese Gardens and headed to Reunion Tower in Dallas.  I thought it would be a novelty to eat a quick lunch at the revolving restaurant.  The food was okay but the boys really enjoyed the rotation and views.  After solving the hunger problem, we moved on to the Perot Museum.  We really should have allotted more time for this museum as every exhibit is interactive and they had an entire area of robotics and electronic experiments.  We ended the museum trip with a 3D National Parks movie before meeting grandma and grandpa in Ft Worth for dinner.

After returning home, I prepped and packed up for a local KCBS contest in Iola, KS.  It was nice only having to drive an hour.  The contest drew in some great teams.  Congrats to my friends from the American Dream on another GC.  I was lucky enough to get 10th place chicken and 10th overall.  Great contest that I hope to go back to next year.

Below are some pictures of swimming fun and from the observation deck of Reunion Tower.

Till next time…

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