Shaking off the rust…

First off, we all got #Boatrighted in Bixby. Congrats to Kent on the GC. 

What a way to get the BBQ year started!  I was the last team to pull in, landed right in the middle of all my OK BBQ family, and was right nextdoor to Three Hog Night Smokers. After unloading my new Cargo trailer and figuring out where to put everything for the first go at a new setup and attending the cook’s meeting, we all proceeded to surprise Donny & Cindy Teel on their 30th wedding anniversary. It was a great evening that was followed up by TNK hosting a breakfast to get us all fueled for Saturday. 

For having not cooked at a competition since October, it went fairly well. When the dust settled, my cook yielded me 4th place brisket and 13th overall out of 83 teams.  Next stop on the circuit is Okmulgee 

Till next time…

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