Back in Kansas

It has been a few weeks since we loaded everything up and tranplanted our family back to Kansas. Surprisingly, only a few things got broken and the odd few items are still missing or misplaced, but so far the boys are loving that we are so close to Grandma and Grandpa and have ~12 acres to explore.  Along with the acreage comes some yard work and maintenance. I’ve been busy clearing out undergrowth and trimming trees and Kristi got herself a new Grasshopper mower.  The house has been unoccupied for a couple of years and needs a little TLC here and there but will be a great place. 

The only real issue we have had is that despite being less than 2.5-3 miles out of town, cellular reception and the ability to get internet has been less than ideal. I’m still hopeful for unlimited radio tower internet but Kristi is ready to throw in the towel and get satellite internet with bandwith limits. 

My shoulder is starting to feel pretty good and my BBQ habit has been on hold all spring, but I think I’m about ready to buy some stuff and get back out there. I’ve updated my schedule to work around the call schedule at my new job. Stop #1 will hopefully bring me to Bixby. 

Till next time (hopefully with internet and pictures)…

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One Response to Back in Kansas

  1. Denni Wilson says:

    So happy to see you’re settling in!! 12+ acres?! Sounds amazing!! Hurry up and get better internet, so we can see pics!

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