Last KCBS contest of the year

After a short drive to Sand Springs, OK, I found myself at the last KCBS contest of the year for Oklahoma Jayhawk BBQ.  With nice cool weather, the teams setup at River Park.  I was treated to a brisket chili dinner by Moo Chew Sooey and Backwoods Pecan Pie Moonshine (seriously the best shine) by Three Hog Nights.  After trying a few new things this cook (changed to cooking everything in pans and used new rubs on everything except chicken, I found myself with an unimpressive overall score of 660.  However, this was all overshadowed by my first 1st place call that was also a 180 in ribs.  It made for a great way to end the BBQ season.

Looking back over the year, I notice that I managed to score above 170 in every category at least once, but could never manage to do it at the same time.  My average scores for chicken, ribs and pork all went up; whereas my average brisket score actually went down.  Two guesses what I will be practicing the most this winter.

Till next time…

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