No Kids, Hog Wild BBQ & Helicopters

After finishing work Thursday, my wife and I went out to enjoy dinner and a movie without kids!  My mom wanted to take the boys up to Lyons for a long weekend and it left us to our own devices.  After eating at Teds, we went out to watch Jurassic Park. It was nice to be able to sit down to eat and stroll to the theatre without the drama of having two energetic boys. 

On Friday and Saturday, I joined the crowd of 28 KCBS teams that came out to Chandler, OK this past weekend. We enjoyed great weather and Oklahoma Jayhawk BBQ even got a spot in the shade this year – shade is important in July for OK teams that don’t have a trailer with AC. Since my sons were visiting grandma; so my wife came out to help me set up camp; then came back out Saturday to help me finish up the cook and box entries. I felt like my chicken was pretty good but not the best I had ever made. Managed to not completely ruin my ribs (read my last contest comments) and thought the texture was good. It went down hill from there with my pork butt lacking flavor and my brisket tightening up on me. I think my statement to other teams after turn-ins was “It started off pretty good with chicken and went down hill quickly from there.”  The judges slightly disagreed with me and gave us 5th in both chicken and ribs but quickly countered with 17th in both pork and brisket. In the end, we were 7th overall; our first time finishing in the 10 overall. Might have to make my wife come to more of these. Special thanks to Travis Clark for hooking me up with a discounted entry – he would probably also remind me that I got 7th overall when he and a few other really good OK BBQ teams were out of the state – Baby steps right?

Then on Sunday, Kristi and I drove up to Rose Hill, KS to meet my parents at a work retreat being held by my stepdad’s employer LifeTeam. It was a good afternoon of swimming, helicopter rides, hot dogs/hamburgers, lemonade and sunshine. Our sons liked the helicopter rides but basically wanted to play in the pool with their cousins and grandparents the whole time. 

It was a great weekend – till next time…

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