Grand Lake BBQ

Made a short journey out to Langley, OK this weekend for Grand Lake BBQ.  It was a nice short drive that landed me next to several great Oklahoma teams (Uncle BCs, Kosmos Q, Buffalos BBQ and Indian Territory Smoke) and just a few steps from some BBQ heavy-hitters (American Dream, Pellet Envy and Clark Crew BBQ).  I was almost instantly glad I had placed bigger casters on my Weber BBQ Cart.  The contest organizers placed some crushed rock over the grass for us but it was still really soft with all the rain we have gotten.  After a pretty easy setup (I feel like I am starting to get into a bit of a groove and have somewhat streamlined my process), I had a chance to chat with a few teams before the cook’s meeting.

After a little siesta, I woke up at 2 am and despite the forecast for lots of rain and strong winds during the competition, the weather was great for this spring.  I couldn’t have asked for a smoother performance from my Weber smokers and setup.  However, I have had my ribs turn out very, very, very (read almost completely black) dark at the last two contests where the humidity was high and we had a light rain.  I’m not really sure how to correct for this but will consider reducing the amount of time the ribs cook while wrapped next time it is really humid or raining.  I felt like my chicken came out of the smoker lacking some flavor and put quite a bit of EAT BBQ Zero to Hero Dust (EAT BBQ Zero to Hero Rub put thru a spice grinder until a fine powder – This stuff is BBQ GOLD) on the back of each thigh.  My ribs came out great on texture (but black as midnight at the bottom of the ocean).  Pork Shoulder has been my lowest scoring and hardest category for me and I have made so many changes in an attempt to get better scores – this was by far the best box I had ever put together (I even texted Kristi that it looked good when I turned it in).  My brisket had great texture but was completely under-seasoned as I had received comment cards that it was too salty.  On a side note, I have been putting so much focus on my pork shoulder that my brisket scores have suffered.

I have updated my BBQ Results page, but was very surprised and happy to receive two 7th place calls in Langley for Chicken and Pork Shoulder.  Congrats to American Dream for GC and Little Pig Town for RGC

Till next time…

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