Spring Break, BBQ and Good Luck

This past week was my son’s first official spring break, but since I had to work there were not any elaborate vacation plans. Instead, my wife and sons went to visit my in-laws. They had a blast but listening to them talk about it is funny. My eldest broke down at one point during the week telling my wife that he missed me – this resulted in my son having a teary eyed FaceTime chat with me. But after a week with grandma, it only took 30 seconds on the road to miss her. 

At the end of Spring Break, I rolled into  Miami, OK for a Two Day BBQ Shootout contest. It was my first time at this contest, but is on my list of don’t miss contests already. Meals provided, great KCBS reps, well organized and a rediculously talented field of competitors. Was lucky enough to be parked next to a great crew Hunka Hunka Burnin Rub. They were friendly, not too rowdy and got a call in Pork on the second day. 

Day one left me pleasantly surprised with a 3rd place finish in Chicken; which was a complete shock because I was sure it was way too spicy! The second day seemed to run a little smoother from a prep and cook standpoint but overall left me feeling underwhelmed by the product I made. I felt like my chicken wasn’t quite as neat/appealing but had an almost identical flavor profile. My ribs were not quite there on flavor or tenderness. My brisket felt spot on for cook but the flavor was lacking. And then pork shoulder (aka The Nemesis) … I don’t even know where to begin on that one. I cannot ever seem to get it quite right.  In the end, I missed the top 10 in ribs by less than 3/4 of a point.

On a side note, I have placed well both times my father-in-law has come to help me wrap, finish up cooks, make boxes and turn-in. I told him he is Good Luck and needs to come to more contests

Till next time…

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