1st Contest of 2015

The first contest of the year was one for the books!

It all started with the drive down to Huntsville. If you Google a trip from Edmond, OK to Huntsville, TX, you will find an estimated drive time of 5 1/2 to 6 hours. With bad weather rolling in, Dallas was a complete nightmare to drive through; the trip from Denton to Hutchins took 6 hours. My departure time from Edmond was 0730 and we rolled into the Huntsville Fair Grounds a little after 8 pm with my entire family stuck in the car with me. Hats off to the organizers and KCBS reps that waited for Clark Crew BBQ and myself to arrive late for check-in and inspections. Kristi’s aunt and uncle met us at the fairgrounds and they all went to Houston while I got squared away. 

Other than setting up and starting my process about 5 hours late, the cook went fairly smoothly. I was very pleased with my decision to switch from Kingsford to Duraflame charcoal. It takes a little longer to light but cruised and maintained temperature much better (Not to mention it was only 34-38 degrees out while I was cooking). It did make less ash than the blue bag, but only modestly less rather than significantly less as suggested by multiple reviews. To my palate, I was pleased with my brisket and chicken but not my ribs or pork shoulder. As usual, the judges disagreed with me. 

Results (61 teams)

Chicken 22nd – 165.1428

Ribs 8th – 172.0000 (a personal best score)

Pork Shoulder 37th – 160.0116

Brisket 19th – 165.1772

Overall 19th – 662.3316

Shotgun Fred handed out some very cool ribbons

Congrats to some great Oklahoma teams: Kosmos Q RGC; Clark Crew BBQ 3rd; American Dream BBQ 6th; Buffalos BBQ 9th.

After a short night and a long day of BBQ, my wife’s aunt and uncle took me out to eat some crawfish and then went back to their house to chat over a few beers (which I admittedly started to fall asleep during).

Not to be outdone by the trip down, one of the tires on my Uhaul trailer decided to blow about an hour out from Houston.  To Uhaul’s credit, they had a guy out there with a new tire in under an hour.

I have updated the Oklahoma Jayhawk pages to include BBQ results.  Next stop is Miam-UH , OK (known to the rest of the world as Miami) for a doubleheader.

Till next time…

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