BBQ Fridge Attempt #2

2015/01/img_0895.jpgLove my new BBQ Logo magnet! I also decided that, rather than posting every time I update my competition schedule, I would make a new page on my blog. Please check there if you want to follow me.

In the early weeks of January my wife decided that having a separate refrigerator in the garage was no longer a convenience but a necessity. 1st step was to clean and rearrange the garage and add a new power outlet/breaker. Next we looked around OKC for a unit that was affordable and a good size. We ended up purchasing a Frigidaire unit from Hahn.

2015/01/img_0886.jpgIt was plugged in on Thursday night and was incrementally changed over the weekend as suggested by the manufacturer. Despite having the freezer and refrigerator set to max cold, it would not maintain a temperature below 40 degrees on Monday with an ambient temperature below 60 degrees. Whether it was a lemon unit or not, I do not know, but when Hahn offered me a “garage kit” that Metro Appliance, Harry’s and Best Buy had never heard of, I decided it needed to be returned. In Hahn’s defense, they were pleasant and easy to work with; plus they had our credit return filed within 48 hours.

Lesson learned that, yet again, “you get what you pay for.” Having no problems with our Kenmore chest freezer unit, I decided to spend $200 more and get an all-refrigerator Kenmore unit.


It was delivered today and is already hanging steady at 38 degrees. Now it just needs some meat!

Till next time…

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