Winter Vacation and Projects

Around October I thought it would be fun to take the family with me on a trip. I was needing continuing education credits and there was a meeting at Disney World the first week of December; so, we decided to just do it. It was a great time and the boys really liked it. They were too short for lots of the rides. But the ones they were tall enough for, they enjoyed immensely. The Seven Dwarfs Mine ride was a favorite; we may have two little roller coaster lovers (which will make their mom happy). Although the rides were fun, they are young enough that meeting the characters and going to the shows was more entertaining for them.

Here is a quick photo of me and my sons on our last night of Disney at the Fantasmic show.

My shoulder has been bothering me off and on for about 6 months; lifting kiddos on/off rides and holding them up so they could see the fireworks/shows was the last little push it needed to really hurt. I’ve had joint pain before – this was different with pain shooting down my scapula while lifting any amount of weight. Luckily, McBride clinic got me in the next day. I know everyone complains about how much medical care costs these days, but I would have paid triple the price for the steroid injection. In less than a week my shoulder had basically quit hurting.

Never one to sit still for long, I decided to tinker a little bit. I altered my Weber smoker cart, made a holder for all my grates and a cart for my cooler. I’ve also made a switch to Duraflame Harwood Charcoal Briquets because multiple reviews have reported consistent burn times similar to Kingsford blue bag with significantly less ash production. I was interested in Wicked Good Charcoal briquets but they are out of production due to a manufacturing problem.



Till next time…

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