Sky’s the Limit BBQ

It was a nice cool weekend in Garden City, Kansas. It started off with a little rain during setup, but stopped by Friday evening. The remaining days were perfect BBQ weather. After a lot of asking and support from my fellow BBQ teams, I agreed to cook the double header on Saturday and Sunday. A special thanks goes out to David and his wife of The American Dream and Travis of Clark Crew BBQ who quite literally bought my chicken, pork and brisket for the second day of the double header as I only packed for one day.

My father-in-law Larry came down from Scott City to help me with setting up my shelter/supplies, finishing my cooks for turn-ins, and stayed to help me pack it all up. My family came by to visit on Saturday. Here is a picture of my wife, father-in-law and myself in our team shirts.


Saturday went fairly standard for me with most of my scores in the mid to low 160s until I got a call for 6th place brisket (finally cracking into the 170s with a 171). Saturday night was a bit brutal as I had to prep/trim all of my meats while dealing with all of the drunk people staggering out of the hotel’s bar. But after not much sleep, the cook went fairly well. I thought my brisket on Saturday was the best I had ever made, but the judges disagreed and gave me a 174 on Sunday. To my palate the brisket was a little more dry than Saturday but I got some tips from teams on how to make some changes for next time. My chicken is slowly improving and earned a 169. My pork shoulder and rib scores are just stagnant and I’m going to need to try something new.



All in all it was a successful weekend as I earned just enough money to pay for my entry fees and learned a lot doing it back-to-back. Next stop is my last for 2014 – Fort Gibson, OK

Till next time…

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