Updating and Upgrading the BBQ Fleet

My Smoke EZ Weber 26 suffered an injury after transporting it to Dodge City and back. The wood base started to crack; back to the drawing board. After browsing the internet and brainstorming, I settled on making a base using metal 3/4″ EMT tubing.

Since I was already in modification mode, my birthday is coming, and I had seen them online, I decided to put lid hinges on my smokers. The hinges are the creation of a Florida BBQ Competition team Unknown BBQ


I’m loving the idea of not having to find a place to put the lids during a competition and supporting another BBQ team in the process. A side benefit of replacing the wood base with metal tubing was a fairly significant height reduction.

On the home front, my back patio saw the departure of my Cookshack AmeriQue to help fund its replacement, a Big Green Egg XL. Not being able to resist the urge to tinker, I did make some stackable racks and a divider for the coals.




Till next time…

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