Dodge City Days BBQ

Finished my first KCBS contest with all four categories turned in. Pulled into a blazing hot Dodge City, KS at 2pm on Friday and was lucky enough to find a spot with some shade next to a really great team Grillin Beavers. It was also nice to see some teams out of the 30 in the contest that I met in Chandler. I’m still admittedly intimidated when I see teams like Butcher BBQ and Buffalo’s BBQ pull their trailers into the comp site, but decided to set my goal as finishing in the top half in every category (a bit ambitious). I decided not to enter a sirloin roast for lack of practice, cost, and desire to focus on the main four categories.

After cooking and handing off the boxes, I came up just a hair short of my goal in Ribs

Chicken 10th – My 1st Top 10 call!
Ribs 18th
Pork Shoulder 14th
Brisket 14

Although I didn’t meet my goals, I’m still pleased with my performance overall. To add to the surprise of hearing my name called, they called out Perfect 180 scores in both ribs and sirloin roast.

I’ve decided to withdraw from the Liberal contest and go to Fort Gibson later in the year instead. Next stop Garden City, KS.

Pictures to follow –

Till next time…













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2 Responses to Dodge City Days BBQ

  1. Congrats! Every thing looks amazing to me. Very nice.

    On another note, let’s chat a bit. I’m wondering your impressions of first time competition. BBQ is fun. Anybody who gets into it, and sticks with it, will likely agree. So my question is, did the addition of competition impede on the fun factor? Was there still joy, or were you too concerned with the competition part? And lastly, I’m quite familiar with the WSM, but tell me more about that smoke EZ. You like it?

    Anyways, great looking Q. Really enjoyed the photos and write up.
    Take care,


    • I had already competed in Chandler, OK before going out to Dodge City Days, but only turned in chicken and ribs. Dodge City was my first contest for all four KCBS categories. That said, practicing at home, having gone to a partial competition and being well organized made it go fairly smoothly. It’s all pretty serious for the teams from around midnight till the last turn in. However, the evening before and the afternoon after the competition everyone is very jovial. As for the competition stealing the joy, not for me. I see it as a challenge for several weekends a year, rather than full-time BBQ like some teams.

      I really like my Smoke EZ for the Weber 26″ kettle. It makes my Weber kettle very versatile. Take it off and you have the world famous reliability of the Weber kettle. Put it on and you have a great smoker. A few drawbacks I’ve noticed are the fact that it won’t burn nearly as long as a WSM and it makes the kettle extremely tall. If you notice, I altered the base to make it more manageable. says it will run for 12 hours but I smoke @ 275 and only get 6-8 hours.


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