Practice, Warm-Up and Go!

Well… It has been awhile since I posted but I have been busy with work and play. Back in April I went to a competition cooking class held by Pellet Envy’s Rod Gray. It was great and I learned a lot of things that I have been practicing over the last month.  Rod was really great and I would suggest that anyone who is interesting in some BBQ tips to check out his class.


In addition to practicing recipes, I finally got my BBQ team shirts ordered. Much to my dismay, I was not able to find a local source to print them for me. All the local people wanted minimum orders of 20 or more shirts and had a minimum start fee for making the screens. Alas, the convenience and price of CustomInk beat out my resolve to use a local source (in my defense, the online order cost about a third of what local printers were wanting).


After going to the BBQ class, gathering new spices and supplies, and practicing my recipes, I finally got up the nerve and registered for some competitions. I have registered for Chandler, OK; Dodge City, KS; and Liberal, KS thus far and intend to register for Garden City, KS when they open up registration. I am using Chandler, OK as my warm-up run for competition and will only be entering ribs and chicken instead of all four categories (chicken, ribs, pork shoulder and brisket). After Chandler, OK I will be entering all the categories and seeing how it goes. To be completely honest, I don’t expect to do well this year and want to keep it about the experience, fun and learning after each competition. My father-in-law has volunteered to meet me for the Dodge City, Liberal and Garden City competitions which will be fun and awesome to have an extra set of hands. Dodge City also tosses an interesting variable into the mix with a requirement of Sirloin Roast entry to qualify for the Grand Champion – not sure yet on whether or not I will be doing that.

Till next time…

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