Back to BBQ after hibernation

It has actually been winter this year in Oklahoma instead of the extended autumn that we have been lucky enough to have the last couple of years. Even so, I have managed to get out there and fire up the smokers a few times.

Here are some pork spare ribs. They were so tender that I would probably have lost points in a competition:

I had a tough time deciding but eventually went with Kosmos Q injections and soaks over Butcher BBQ.  It may sound a little be whiny but I just didn’t want to sit there and inject every single chicken thigh.  I have used a combination of Moisture Magic (the white powder in a zip-lock – the only one of his products that doesn’t come in a resealable bag for unknown reasons) and Pork Injection for two 8 pound pork 1

Here are the shoulder after being injected, resting overnight, being rubbed with Meathead’s Memphis Dust and being allowed to rest for 1 hour.  Meantime the smoker was prepared and fired 2

Here are the shoulders right as the are going onto the smoker.  I chose my Smoke Daddy modified WSM pellet smoker for the job because I was doing this smoke on a Sunday and would be out for church and it was a long smoke in the cold 3

Sorry there aren’t any final product pictures.  We were too busy getting everything ready for a group of friends that I just simply forgot to do it.  The pork shoulders were probably the best I have put forward and have made a Kosmos Q injection believer out of me.

My awesome wife also bought me a spot in the Pellet Envy competition cooking class up in KC this April.  Really looking forward to this!  Hopefully I will be able to glean and absorb some of Rod Gray’s BBQ IQ – for those who don’t know, Rod’s team Pellet Envy is a consistent top team in KCBS competitions and won Season 4 of BBQ Pitmasters.

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