Busy with Work and Ideas

The trappings of daily life have kept me from doing much in the way of doing much smoking/BBQ over the last month.  Rather, I have been working on side projects around the house.  First, my wife and I came to the conclusion that we wanted logos for our respective hobbies.  Without a second thought, we asked around with family and friends for a graphic designer to look for quotes.  Sometimes being naive is a good thing, but other times it comes with quite the sticker shock.  We were amazed to hear that people were wanting upwards of $300-400 per logo.  Rapidly any notion of paying someone else to create our logos went out the window.  After some research, numerous tutorial videos, and many tries at making logos, I finally began to get the hang of Adobe Illustrator (well… the demo version anyway).  Surprisingly, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are nothing alike – despite having many of the same tool icons.  So, the dilemma I quickly ran into was that my original design idea was much to complicated (too many shapes and freehand required) to replicate in Illustrator.  Next, it was brought to my attention that some of the detail of my original design would be extremely difficult, nay impossible, to read if shrunk down to business card size.

Here is my original design draft


After many tries, frustrations, and edits, here are the Logo Finalists I have come up with

Oklahoma Jayhawk BBQ Red Blue White Oklahoma Jayhawk BBQ Banner Red Blue Oklahoma Jayhawk BBQ Blue Red White Oklahoma Jayhawk BBQ Banner Blue Red Oklahoma Jayhawk BBQ Flag Oklahoma Jayhawk BBQ Banner Flag

With my wife already having a Ravelry site, Etsy Shop, Facebook Page and Blog – I set off on designing her logo.  I had looked for various vector files, but eventually Kristi found some fee for  license vectors on ShutterStock.  With a few hours of editing and layouts, here is the logo she settled on

More Hours Per Day Logo

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