Texas Style Brisket and my little helper

Was able to pull out the new Smoke-EZ for my Texas Style Brisket experiment a couple of weeks back. Started it nice and early to allow for a long smoke at 225 degrees. I used a combination of hickory and cherry wood with charcoal for the first 6 or so hours and then just straight charcoal.

My first use of the Smoke-EZ came with a few lessons. The BBQ Guru PartyQ unit that works pretty well for the Weber Kettle alone does not provide enough airflow with the Smoke-EZ in place. So after playing with the damper for the first few hours, I finally got the right combination going. Second lesson learned was that this smoker setup will be much better for chicken an ribs than pork shoulders or briskets. Despite trying several different configurations, I can only get the charcoal ring to last for 8-9 hours at 225 – which comes up a little short. Lessons learned. Will plan on using my pellet smoker for brisket and shoulders and the Smoke-EZ for chicken and ribs.

We also let Elijah grill up some hot dogs. He did everything from helping me light the charcoal to placing, turning and removing the hot dogs. Yesterday he helped me with some grilled chicken (sorry I forgot pictures), but reminded me that he would rather have hot dogs or steak.

Pictures below 🙂



20131014-091117.jpgSlice and Burnt Ends

20131014-091145.jpgElijah cooking his favorite

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