Playing Mr Mom

Hard to believe it has been almost a month but a lot has happened in the Hogan household. Kristi and I got to experience health care from the other side; her as a patient and me as the waiting family member. If you know us very well, these are not our general preferences. Kristi had been having increasing bouts of abdominal pain that we original thought were related to ovarian cysts, but it turned out to be endometriosis. After a couple months and ER visits with excruciating pain, we decided it was time to address the issue. Kristi found a local surgeon and we met with him. A couple weeks later we were off to OU Med Center Edmond for surgery. Knowing the anesthesia department and some of the nurses in the department really helps to ease your mind. The people at OU Edmond were really great and I would recommend Dr Glass to anyone who likes the no nonsense, honest approach to medicine/surgery.

That said, the part I was less ready for has come in the last several weeks – playing Mr Mom and caretaker husband. We were really lucky that my mom was able to come down for week and have a lot of great friends from church that have brought us meals. The regular chores of the house (dishes, laundry, cooking, baths, etc) have kept me pretty busy but I will say that grocery shopping is the worst of them all. I think I am an overly rational and organized person; obviously the exact opposite of whoever arranges the products within a store. In the three times I have gone since Kristi’s surgery, it has taken me no less than two trips back and forth to find almost everything. This is compounded by the fact that Kristi organizes our grocery list to match the weekly deals and I must match the correct size, amount and brand for the in-store deal and the coupon requirements. Admittedly, I haven’t gotten these right without several phone consultations. Another surprise is that I haven’t completely ruined anything cooking yet. I can generally do the small things and love to BBQ, but baking eludes me. I even did fried chicken without burning it, so that was promising. The biggest misstep may be not making more mistakes.

We haven’t had many outings, but the boys and I took a morning trip to the zoo. Elijah instantly made friends with a little girl who was about 3 years older than him. We spent the entire trip to the zoo together.



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