New BBQ Toy

After waiting 3 1/2 weeks while my Smoke EZ was on back order, it finally arrived this past week. My Weber 26″ OTG (one touch gold kettle grill for the uninitiated) has been my grill and BBQ workhorse for years and the support legs were starting to show it. The bottom of the legs had begun to bend under the pressure of additional hardware and use. This fact combined with the increased height from the smoker ring and my desire to try to get Elijah to start “helping me grill” lead to an idea. And as most of my ideas do, it lead to a trip to Lowes/ACE Hardware. I find that the more of these home projects I do, the more trigonometry I get to use in real life. After measuring angles and lengths of the Weber support legs and finding suitable pre-made wood round and casters, I set off to painting the round in high heat enamel and cutting the support legs. The final result after adding casters is an easily moved Weber grill that is about the right height to let Elijah start helping me on the grill.

20130918-192419.jpgThis picture was just for posing and I don’t let him help me barefoot

Adding a second 26″ cooking grate, and placing the Smoke EZ ring on top of my grill, I now have approximately 1000 square inches of charcoal, low and slow fun. Now just to trim up that packer brisket to use the fat deckle and a generous amount of hickory and oak smoke to season it up. My plan is to try to make a Texas style deep, dark crust brisket without wrapping and smoked over coals with hickory and oak.

For those interested or keeping track, this now raises my BBQ fun to 1000 sqin of electric smoking, 1000 sqin of pellet smoking, and 1000 sqin of charcoal and wood smoking. It will be fun to play around with the variations of wood selection and smoker choice. Also, the folks at Firecraft were easy to work with and are a direct dealer for Smoke EZ. Both are a great place to go browsing for new toys and accessories.

Pictures of a deep, dark brisket to hopefully follow

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