Getting older… and wiser?

Last week was a big week for the Hogan clan with my turning over another decade and Noah turning Two. Guess we can’t say/use the “under two” phrase or discounts anymore. Kristi made chocolate cherry cake for me and decorated a cake for Noah. It was a pretty good three day weekend. Friday we went to the Oklahoma Aquarium and the boys had a good time till they ran out of steam in the afternoon. On Saturday, Kristi’s parents came to visit for the weekend. We spent the evening eating BBQ ribs and cake. We started off Sunday right with pancakes at IHOP. The weekend was concluded with G&G Semmel heading home and the boys running around on a “Grandparent energy high” (everyone who has children knows what I’m talking about).

For an update on praying with Elijah, it has been interesting on what he says sometimes. My current favorites are being “thankful for mommy’s cake” and wanting to “play better with my best friend Noah.”

Elijah at the aquarium

Noah excited after blowing out the candles

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