What happened to July? …and my 20s

Well… I guess I haven’t been a very good blogger this past month. Things in the Hogan household have been busy with multiple trips to Kansas and Kristi taking up a new hobby.

The whole family went up to “Spriggs Rock Lake” to my Scott and Cindy’s place for a Hogan pseudo-reunion. The boys had fun playing in the lake but got a little too tired by the afternoon. After retreating back to Lyons for the night, we loaded up Kristi’s new crafty toy into a 5×10 Uhaul trailer. She had inherited my late grandmother’s (better known as Granny as she always disliked the terms grandmother or grandma) weaving loom. Not knowing how to setup or use her new toy, Kristi took off to our old stomping groundsin Lawrence, Kansas for a beginner weaving class and left the boys to our devices in Oklahoma. Much to Kristi’s surprise, the boys were in bed and the house was still standing when she returned Sunday night. Having been trained and now visibly eager to start weaving, Kristi has been working hard to clean and refurbish the loom that has been sitting unused in a garage for several years. I have been able to help a little by moving it and replacing a bolt, but she has largely taken this task head-on. As the manufacturer is French Canadian and the absolute lack of any weaving/loom supply stores in the state (Yes, I know…quite a shock that weaving hasn’t spread like wildfire across Oklahoma), she has resorted to ordering parts through the Yarn Barn in Lawrence. Apparently, it is a little difficult and time consuming to explain which parts you want to someone in Lawrence who, in turn, relays that to Canada before getting back to you. That said, the parts are ordered and Kristi has been scouting out pattern programs for her iPad.

As for me, I have begun to plan and more seriously think about exactly what I need for and which locations I would like to go for KCBS BBQ competitions. I worked with KU’s licensing department and received permission to use this as my team logo. I may place it on team apparel, banners, smokers, etc. as long as I don’t use it for profit or sell it. The process and working with KU was actually much easier and swift than I anticipated. Hopefully, I will be able to enter a few competitions in the spring (submitting just one or two categories). Till then I’ll just play around with my recipes and maybe attend a judging course and a competition BBQ class.

Till next time,


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