So… I’ve started a “Blog” Part 2

Why a blog? It sounded like a good idea and I’m less interested in posting on Facebook/Twitter and more focused on reading everyone else’s posts. I desire a way to express myself and “think out loud” if you will… Or maybe it’s just the fact that I turn 30 this year.

I find myself in that age/experience crunch where I am no longer the youngest person in the operating room but not the oldest and most respected nurse anesthetist either. It feels like a recipe that is missing one ingredient that would just put it over the top – you know what I’m talking about – but you can’t ever seem to quite figure it out. I love nursing and anesthesia, it is challenging, interesting and I get to help patients. The job comes with great time off and the hours are good – no more overnight call! And I must say, after a year and a half, I still don’t miss getting a phone call at 2:50 am asking me for an epidural.

Kristi and I have been regularly attending the same church, Sunday school class (can you still call it that when everyone is almost thirty and older?), and small group for over a year. The Faithmates class at church has been great. I’ve been volunteering at our church’s community clinic; it’s a good change of pace.

As for my spare time, I’ve traded in the golf clubs (technically they are in the garage just unused) for charcoal and a “few” grills. Kristi would probably say it’s more than a few, but that is for another day…

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One Response to So… I’ve started a “Blog” Part 2

  1. Jeffrey A. Hogan says:

    The name of your blog simply has to go! It’s bad enough you’ve chosen to live in that “name that shall not be uttered” territory south of Kansas, but to advertise it on the Web? Embarrassing photos of you could easily be made public.


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