Woodward BBQ

We had a good BBQ weekend in Woodward despite all the rain. Congrats to Big Butts Need Rubbin Too on the repeat GC. I felt like it was a consistent cook but came up short on brisket yet again. 

Chicken 7th, Ribs 4th, Pork Shoulder 1st with a 180, and Brisket 20th (ouch) for 6th place Overall. 

It felt good to get that elusive first place category call.  Funny thing about the 180 score was that the lowest judging score was a 9-7-7

All my BBQ friends can appreciate the irony of this 9-8-8 score given their comments. 

All the rain and Noah starting to have what looks like another ear infection cut our plans to camp and visit Alabaster Caverns short. So we decided to call it a day, pack up and head home. 

Next week brings the start of the school year for the boys and a new general surgeon at work for me. Till next time…

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Branson 2017

We packed up the camper last Monday and headed out to Branson for a family vacation with Kristi’s family (Larry, Sherrol and Kristi’s sisters). We had a pretty smooth drive and pulled right into our nice, shady RV spot at Branson Treehouse Adventures.  It’s a nice little RV park that is really close to Silver Dollar City. After getting everything settled, we went out to eat with Kristi’s family; followed by watching the kids and cousins play at the splashpad/pool. 

Day 2 brought a breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls at Sherrol’s condo. Next we took a ride on the ducks. 

We finished the day letting the kids play while the adults talked, played cards, and drank beverages. 

Wednesday was pretty much dedicated to Silver Dollar City. Sorry; no photos – we were just running around with the kiddos and roasting in the heat. 

Thursday morning we went to Fritz’s Adventure. It was a lot of climbing, harnesses & fun. 

Friday was dedicated to shopping and chasing kids at the resort playground. It was a pretty low key but the kids had a blast playing with cousins. 

Saturday morning we all went “antique shopping” for Aunt Kari. The boys tolerated it with a promise for miniature golf from Kristi. After lunch, the group packed up and headed out. Pirate’s Cove mini-golf was pretty good with everyone but Kristi making a hole-in-one. To cool off we went to Cold Stone before driving to watch a Chinese Acrobatsics show at Yakov Smirnov theater. The show entertained everyone with contortions, flips and balacing/juggling everythibg from hats, drums anc chairs to people. 

We finished the evening back at the campsite with cook drinks and a fire. 

In the morning, it’s back to the real world with chores and work after having vacation three out of the last four weeks. 

Next stop is Woodward BBQ contest on my birthday weekend…

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3rd Overall in Ft Smith

What started out with a 105 degree heat index and overnight storms finished with my best cook by far. Congrats to the American Dream on their 7th GC of the year and Uncle BCs on the RGC. 

I love going to Ft Smith’s annual KCBS contest because of the great teams and the best KCBS reps host their hometown contest. Ralph and Karen are quite simply awesome and always make sure the teams are looked after and everyone gets a fair shake. 

After getting everything set up, I set to trimming meats. Between the holiday and work, I just never got it done. By 8-8:30 pm I hit the sack and woke up to some fairly solid rain. 

The rain came and went throughout the day and turn-ins. I was really pleased my chicken and ribs but thought my pork and brisket needed a bit more “pop.”  In the end, I received 10th place chicken, 4th place ribs, 4th place pork and 9th place brisket. 

Next stop is Vacation!

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Family DFW Trip

It was time to take off from work and head down to Texas to visit family. So last Tuesday morning, we loaded up the family and drove down to Azle to stay with my folks. It only took about 10-15 minutes for my boys to get G&G into the pool. 

We spent most days with a late morning day trip and then returning back for more time in the pool. We visited the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, the Stockyards, and took a hike along the paths of the nature center.  While down at the stockyards we bought the boys some cowboy boots. It was a nice week to get away from home/work and relax. Of course I couldn’t resist a chance to BBQ, so I smoke a brisket up for my step-dad’s bday dinner. I tried a new rub combo and it came out incredibly “pepper-y” – the texture and tenderness were awesome though – A Bar N Meats had great customer service, prices and worked with me so I could pick it up on the way down

Mulvane KCBS contest was cancelled; so the next stop will be one of my favorites – Ft Smith and the best reps around

Till next time…

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Claremore Boots & BBQ

The entire family made the short trip down to Claremore, OK. We were greeted by a rare site this BBQ season – sunshine!  After setting up and getting the AC running, I worked on prepping everything while my sons played with the Ncognito Cookers kids. 

I thought I had a solid cook but was disappointed with my chicken. To my surprise, the judges disagreed and scored it a 174 for 3rd!

I followed with 6th Ribs, 7th Pork and 10th Brisket for 4th Overall!

I almost accomplished two goals at once – a Top 5 finish and all scores above 170… alas, my brisket was a 169.1084. But I was excited for a bit more consistency and 4th. Congrats to my friends Three Hog Night on their GC and American Dream RGC. Next stop is a little break from BBQ and family vacation. 

Till next time…

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Grand Lake 2017

We thought it would be fun to pick up the boys after their last day of school Friday and head down to Grand Lake in Oklahoma. 

The first stop was Langley, Oklahoma for the Grand Lake BBQ Festival  We were greated with a steady rain for setup and some fierce overnight storms. Surprisingly, none of my setup was damaged in the storms. 

I thought my cook went fairly smoothly but the judges didn’t much care for the pork shoulder and brisket. In the end, Oklahoma Jayhawk only managed one call with 7th place ribs (which is shockingly 3 for 3 Top Ten calls in ribs). 

After packing everything up, we made a short drive over to Water’s Edge RV to camp out the rest of the weekend. We spent the time relaxing, playing catch, camp fires and watching our sons play with neighboring kids. It was a great weekend away from home. 

Till next time…

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Sam’s Club Rain Contest

It really did feel like battling the weather more than making BBQ this weekend.   I’d love to go over the details, but am too tired and soaked. Here is the summary:

Every piece of equipment I own is dripping wet

Chicken 20th, Ribs 8th, Pork 14th, Brisket 20th, Overall 15th (two times in a row now)

Till next time…

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